Articles written by: Diane Weber Bederman

Globalists, populists and nationalists

  Globalists are fretting over populists and nationalists. They are interfering in their agenda. How dare they? I just read an interview with John le Carré;  alias David Cornwall. His new book will be out late October.  The master of spy tales, le Carré is...

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Antisemitism on the rise and Jews are divided

  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: “Moses’ final message to the Israelites was: ‘It is not enough that you have received the Torah from me. You must make it new in every generation.’ Judaism is the story of a love affair between a people and a book, the Book of books....

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 Are we all blind to hate toward others?

  A member of government in America used the expression "Jew down." She said it is a verb. Well, she was right about that. She used it as a verb. “To negotiate” for a better price. Jew down is, of course, a derogatory, antisemitic trope. It stereotypes Jews as...

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